Thursday, October 4, 2012

Your table is ready now

This week, the library's study area looks more like a restaurant.  Rightfully so!  We're having a Book Tasting.
Students in upper grades have been given review menus and a stack of books.  Their job is to pick two books: one that looks like something they'd typically read, and one that they would never by choice pick up,
Each book has three short rounds.  They look at the cover for ten seconds and then respond.  Does the cover look like something that would be interesting to them, and why or why not.
Next we proceed to the book's blurb, and we consider how this summary does or does not match what the cover appeared to be about.  After looking at the cover, does the summary make the book seem more or less appealing?
Finally, they read the first two pages.  We consider whether their predictions about the book seem accurate or if there were any surprises.  We wonder about the story, and ask questions or make inferences about what is to follow.
Students have been encouraged to check out anything that looked interesting to them during the tasting, and this week our fiction is flying off the shelves!

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  1. Love this! Can you share your form? I could use it later this week with a group! Thanks in advance :)
    Valerie Byrd Fort